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Student Blogs

writerWriting is emphasized throughout the academy curriculum.  Students create blogs, letters home, and journals during the semester.  Click the link to see student created blogs.  http://www.academyatsoar.org/students-blog.html

Academy Features

Differentiated Instruction

Experiential Education

Life Skills

Project Based Learning

Integrated Curriculum

Service Learning

Outdoor Hard Skills

Field Studies Program

Adventure Based Courses

Campus Spotlight


Every two weeks our students take field expeditions.  These trips provide an unique atmosphere where students can use their newly acquired skills.  Click on the link below to see instructor Sophie Allen's typical day during a trip.


Summer Programs

SummerBoat main 

Check out our award winning summer programs with both adventure and educational components at http://www.soarnc.org


Academy Calendar

 Fall Term
Expedition 1: The Nantahala Gorge, NC
•Canoe Fontana Lake
•Backpack in Nantahala National Forest
•Raft the Nantahala and Ocoee Rivers

Expedition 2: Seneca and Washington, DC
•Rock Climbing, Summit Seneca Rocks
•Visit Museums in Washington, DC

Expedition 3: The Grand Canyon
•Backpack the Grand Canyon